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ALL Disease and Inflammation Comes from Low Voltage...

According to ground breaking research published by Jerry Tenant in 2010, almost all chronic disease is characterized by low voltage within the body. With a low voltage, the human system is unable to make new functional cells, thus creating chronic illness, pain, inflammation and aging.

When the body maintains a high voltage, most chronic diseases and inflammation subsides and the body repairs itself automatically.

High Energy Solutions

We specialize in building next generation holistic therapy and spa equipment specifically designed to raise the body’s voltage. We truly believe that physical health constitutes simple universal principles of maintaining a high cellular energetic state. Whether you want to manage pain, inflammation, or just maintain overall health, our voltage based therapy devices strike at the core of what causes poor health.

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About Raise Your Voltage

Raise Your Voltage was founded by Ralph Suddath who had previously spent over 20 years in the field of water research. Driven by his disappointment in modern day water treatment practices, Ralph searched obsessively for an alternative way of treating and cleaning water aside from the use of toxic, dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. This led him to studying the works of Victor Schauberger and Masaru Emoto, and many others to understand the energetic properties of water. This eventually led to the creation of the Hydreva water systems designed to raise the energetic state of water to trigger positive microbes that naturally clear out negative pollutants. 

With his initial successes in water treatment, Ralph eventually moved onto exploring the roles played by cellular voltage and energetic states in overall human health. Inspired by the pioneering research of Dr. Jerry Tenant, Ralph set out to create cutting edge holistic therapy tools dedicated to promoting overall health and preventative care through raising the body’s voltage.