The Cognyva Brain Therapy system is the first holistic therapy device dedicated to treating brain inflammation and enhancing the brain’s cognitive function for peak mental performance. 
Applying the same Light Antenna Technology as the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed, the Cognyva stimulates and regenerates cells in dormant sections of the brain. This raises the voltage of all cellular function within the brain and nervous system to prevent inflammation and cognitive decline from aging. 

According to the WHO, brain and neurological disorders ranging from epilepsy, Alzheimers, Stroke, headache, and brain trauma affects up to 1 billion people worldwide. An estimated 6.8 million die each year from neurologically related disorders. The Cognyva offers a groundbreaking, safe, and highly effective form of therapy for alleviating pain and discomfort without the need for dangerous chemicals or drugs.  

Improved Memory

The Cognyva helps slow and reverse the brain’s cognitive decline due to aging. Maintain your mental acuity and processing even in your later years!

Heightened Energy and Focus

Many of our users have reported improved energy and focus after extended use of the Cognyva. Whether you want to treat cerebral inflammation or just want to achieve peak mental performance for your job or profession, the Cognyva succeeds in all areas. 

Restful Sleep and Relaxation

Stress and anxiety is the silent killer in today’s fast paced modern society. The Cognyva raises the Brain’s voltage to reduce inflammation and promote relaxation and optimal blood flow throughout the brain and nervous system. The perfect therapy for those with insomnia due to a restless mind. 

State of the Art Therapy for Brain Recovery and High Cognitive Performance

The Cognyva was initially designed for brain stimulation for medical and physiological benefits. This has been used effectively in alleviating symptoms from traumatic brain injuries, dementia  and other mental health conditions. 

In addition to helping treat neurological conditions, the Cognyva can also be a powerful tool for already healthy individuals to help reach their highest potential in all areas.  

Able to treat all major sections of the brain, the Cognyva helps release serotonin naturally to help calm anxiety and stress to put you in a much more calm and alert high energy state ideal for high performance environments. Whether you are an athlete, corporate executive, or just a high level operator in any field, the Cognyva can help you succeed in any area.