Cognyva Neural Enhancement

Stimulate, regenerate, and heal dormant brain cells.

Cognyva has demonstrated efficacy in mitigating symptoms associated with Traumatic Brain Injury, Dementia, Epilepsy, Depression, Insomnia, and other neurological conditions.

Following an unspecified number of treatments, you may observe a decrease in anxiety, heightened alertness, increased energy and focus, and improved memory.

Cognyva offers treatments that stimulate the frontal, temporal, and occipital regions of the brain. These treatments aid in the natural release of serotonin, which plays a crucial role in controlling and stabilizing several emotional states, including anxiety, tension, anger, mood swings, and the sensation of “flight or fight”.

Zero-point light antenna technology is utilized to stimulate, regenerate, and heal dormant brain cells. This process is carried out by incrementally increasing the light energy within the body’s cells, which subsequently excites the neurons. The light antennas feature a distinctive aura, which is gradually pushed into the body’s electrical field through the application of heat. This approach operates at a cellular level, thus promoting optimal brain health.

Step into the future with this technology that turbocharges your nerve conduction process, sparks neural stem cell differentiation, and gives a boost to oxygen and blood flow. Plus, it doesn’t stop there. This cutting-edge tech even pierces through the blood-brain barrier, saturating your cells with hydration and revitalizing energy.

Improved fluid circulation throughout your body can provide your brain with an ample supply of energy and necessary fluids, ultimately enhancing your mental clarity.

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